Importance of Childhood Games in Boarding Schools



Games and play are integral to the growth and development of young learners. In today’s world, as we strive for individuals who are much more than just test takers, games are the activity that provide a fertile ground for the development of various other skills and qualities in young learners. Through games and play, children and adult alike benefit in multiple ways and are able to overcome issues around anxiety, under confidence and social interactions. In this article, we discuss some ways in which games prove to be essential for all round development of young learners-


Games take learning outside the class


As learners step out of their classrooms for games, they also realise that learning can happen at any place and at any given time if one is interested in learning. When students are out of the class, they also get an excellent opportunity to observe the world around them, connect with it and also experience the real-life application of their classroom learning. SNIS, a top boarding school in Bangalore provides its students with a 60 acre green and safe environment where they can choose from games and activities.


Opportunity to learn teamwork


Games are the best activity to learn teamwork, collaboration, planning and to practice trust. As young learners engage in games and make strategies they also learn how to communicate with other team members and how to synthesise and apply ideas that get discussed. They learn the spirit of games and the essence of teamwork while playing games. At the same time, they also understand the meaning of healthy competition. Boarding schools are a great place where children can learn about the teamwork and healthy competitions.


Positive impact on attention, focus and mental activity


Games requires the players to use multiple cognitive skills and encourages learners to work on hand-eye coordination and hone their spatial intelligence. They also have found to increase attention span, focus and improve the various functions of the brain.


Awareness about physical literacy


Learners experience the wonders and the limits of their bodies and mind while engaging in games. They also learn the role of training, practice and consistency plays in learning new skills and excelling at them.


Improve mental and emotional health


Games are known to have a greatly positive impact on mental and emotional health of an individual. With increased focus and attention span, one is also able to pay more attention to the everyday activities and perform better. SNIS, a top boarding school in Bangalore, helps your child build more strength, balance, and flexibility in games, academics and extra-curricular activities.




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