IB Schools and online learning

At International Schools, online learning has revolutionised the way not only students but the whole school community learns. We discuss a few ways in which online education has been made efficient and effective for the school community-
Tech Training of Teachers: Teachers are the backbone of the educational system and hence it is imperative to make sure that they are prepared to impart meaningful education. International schools have made sure that their teachers are well equipped and prepared to teach students and make teaching learning experiences seamless for students. Teachers were given sustained training to help them update their tech skills and making use of the online mode in a meaningful way.

Use of Google Classroom and other digital tools: The school community has been making use of the various online tools to ensure that the vibrancy and interactions of the classroom can be retained in the online mode to some extent. Google Classroom has been one such tool which has made it easy for the students and teachers to ensure that accessibility to course material, assignments and other teaching learning materials is made smooth and that students can connect with their peers and teachers on a common platform.
Virtual Group Activities: Virtual group activities have been an efficient way for team building experiences and enabling socialisation for students and teachers. These activities have included art and crst, public speaking, dance and theatre, singing and instrumental music playing, having free flowing discussions and sporting activities. The virtual group activities and breakout room sessions have proved to be a rather meaningful and relaxing activity for students as well as teachers.

Reduction of Screen Time: Our screens have become our be all and end all in the pandemic times. As we depend on the screen for more and more of our everyday activities, we also need breaks and recovery periods in order to avoid digital fatigue. Students and teachers are encouraged to take breaks and their days are planned in a way that they can take work off the screen and engage in meaningful teaching and learning.
Co-curricular Activities online: Online learning has reduced the constraints of space to some extent which also means that individuals in various spaces can connect with each other over a similar interest. Keeping this in mind, experts from various fields have been invited to talk about or demonstrate a given topic. This has tremendously added to the quality of education. Several co-curricular activities such as performing arts, sports, gardening, baking, writing, pet grooming have been conducted online. This has resulted in students and teachers bonding with each other over shared interests and also feeling relaxed and rejuvenated

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