How International Baccalaureate Schools help students learn better?



Various developmental psychologists have argued that individuals learn differently and at different paces. In a classroom, different students have their own styles and speeds at which they will learn as well as different techniques through which they can learn efficiently. For teachers of primary school, it is a rather difficult task to identify how different students learn and mould their teaching process and teaching learning materials for various students. Especially in primary school when students are learning the basic and most fundamental concepts and skills on which not only their educational journey but their life journey will also progress, it is imperative that students are able to learn at their own pace and in ways that they find most efficient. In International Baccalaureate schools, teachers follow various pedagogical tools and teaching learning materials to ensure that the students in their classes are learning better and are able to understand all concepts that are in their curriculum. Here we discuss some ways in which this is done by International Baccalaureate school teachers-



Setting small term learning goals

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By breaking down the more complex concepts and themes into smaller ones and setting short term achievable learning goals, teachers can ensure that all their students are not only able to learn and understand the concept but also feel a sense of achievement when they meet their learning goal. This helps both the students and teachers keep a track of the teaching and learning as well as helps in assessment too.



Use of visual material

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We know that many individuals have a photographic memory and they can learn better by looking a t something rather than just reading or listening about it. To facilitate such learning, teachers are encouraged to use graphics, images and videos that help the students in grasping the concepts and study material in more effective ways. By including videos and images, teachers can also make a connection between what the student learns in the class with the larger outside world.


Use of all sense organs


As indicated in the last point, students tend to learn better and be better engaged when all their sense organs are involved in what is happening in the class. By using audio visual materials as well as other activities such as craft work, field trip, team activity, the teacher can ensure that the students learn to use all their skills in order to facilitate their learning.


Breaks during the learning process

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It’s unfair to believe that our attention span can remain the same or last upto longer stretches of time. To ensure that the student is at their attentive and productive best, it is best to provide multiple breaks during the teaching learning process. Such breaks can involve meditation or simple stretches or breathing exercises or even a little collective dance/ music session to energise the child, rejuvenate them and prepare them for another focused block of teaching and learning.


Appreciation and motivation

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Students at International Baccalaureate schools can do wonders if they feel valued and appreciated. Identifying their unique qualities and appreciating individual students for those qualities can truly motivate the students to become more interested and excited in their education. Appreciating the efforts and time each individual puts in performing the tasks assigned to them can also help them in becoming more accountable in their own education.





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