How hostel life acts as a catalyst in personality development?


Living in the hostel makes students socially and behaviorally different. In a hostel, you are accountable for everything from getting up in the morning, to having meals, to washing clothes and what not. Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly in the open and seek things you couldn’t pursue when at home. Let’s understand about the imperatives hostel life plays in the holistic development of a child.


Learn to be Self-Reliant:

Unlike their homes, when students are in a school with hostel facility in some other city, away from their homes, they learn the quality of self-reliance, a value that shall benefit them life-long. From managing their studies to managing themselves, students learn to shoulder all the key responsibilities in hostel, all by themselves. Hostel life teaches a child how to get accustomed to a new environment and look after themselves.


Teaches Independence:

A hostel provides a congenial atmosphere for study. Hostel life teaches students to become more independent. Serious students learn many good things in hostels. They learn to take charge of their life by taking decisions solely in different situations. It broadens the mind and makes a student fully accommodative in all circumstances of life.


Helps Develop New Skills:

Hostel students need to do all their tasks on their own. This life tends to develop healthy competition and mutual co-operation among hostellers. They learn several new skills such as washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and even cooking. These could seem small and silly but do contribute to the overall personality development.


Inculcate Discipline:

Hostels have a certain set of rules that need to be followed at all times. All the students are to abide by strict discipline. The students are expected to wake up, take a bath, reach their college and sleep at the same time each day. The students have to lead a disciplined life and they learn regularity and punctuality. This instills discipline in them. Students learn how to live together in perfect harmony and mutual cooperation.


The Hostel is Best Knowledge Sharing Place:

Hostel life is full of learning journey and thoughts sharing place where students share their life achievements and what are they looking forward to getting. Hostel life provides the best knowledge sharing opportunities to all students from each other. Students can share their backgrounds, cultures, living standards, society barriers, family difficulties, wealth positions, early schooling journey, and much with each other without hesitation. In addition, hostel life also provides opportunities to give respect and take respect philosophy, which in turn helps in personality shaping.

We hope the above-mentioned article gave you basic information regarding the unsung role of hostel in personality development of an individual.



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