How Children Can Become Motivated For Independent Learning?



Learning is an ongoing process which starts from our birth. Starting from crawling, walking, running and talking, this process plays an important part at every stage of our life.

For a parent, it is important to help their child to develop the skill of independent learning which will eventually help them to succeed in this competitive world.


 Have confidence in your child


As a parent you should never doubt your child. Let them explore their own ways to face challenges and make decisions. Give them the freedom to choose their own path.

There is no standard method to achieve success.

Always let your child know that you believe in them and support their dreams. This will help them to work and learn without you around.


Let them share their opinion.


Always motivate your child to share their opinion which will help them to learn about more topics. Also, it will help them to speak to them about their interests and the kind of extracurricular activities they would like  to peruse.

SNIS, boarding school in Bangalore has multiple extracurricular activities to help your child find the right one for themselves.

Self- Evaluations


Let your child evaluate their own work. Ask them to rate their work on the scale of 1-10 after every assignment they complete. Make sure to tell them that there is no punishment if they make mistakes. It will help them critically analyse their own work and realise their own mistakes. This process will help them improve themselves and chart a journey of constant self improvement.

Reward their Efforts


We live in a society where everything depends on your result and performance. But a child’s thought process is very different from our thought process, they give their 100% in every work they do so we should never compare their efforts and result with anyone else. Every child has their own strengths so we should always focus on their individual and not comparative progress. As a parent you should always praise your child’s efforts and draw their attention towards the arc of constant improvement.

As SNIS, boarding school in Bangalore, the entire ecosystem is geared towards motivating the students to focus on effort and realise that constant effort will lead to them reaching their goal… every step is a milestone that pushes them closer to where they want to be.



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