How can Parents make Distance Learning Fun and Efficient for their Kids and Themselves?



As the pandemic continues to keep us all locked up inside our homes, parents constantly find themselves in a double bind. First of all, they have to take care of their jobs and the household responsibilities while making sure that their children are attending their online classes and performing well in assessments and other activities. This leaves several parents confused and tired about how to ensure that their children are learning well while also feeling emotionally and psychologically healthy. For children as even their play activities and meeting their peers has now become impossible, it’s pertinent to ensure that their energies are engaged in productive, meaningful activities. Below we discuss some ways in which parents can ensure that their children are able to learn in a fun and efficient ways.


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Create a Learning Environment


Ensure that your children have a space they can identify with learning and education. It can be a room or even a corner of your house which is a dedicated space for learning. Children can attend their online classes from this space and complete their school related activities from here too. This space will give them a sense of being able to go somewhere they can learn and be at peace while doing so. You can add learning materials like books, charts, maps, puzzles, encyclopaedias, etc to this space to make your child feel welcome here.

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Develop a schedule and stick to it 


Having a routine and a to-do list can bring some sense of normalcy to the lives of your children. Make sure to include some time for leisure and recreational activities as well. Sleeping on time, getting up early, taking regular meals and some physical activity can go a long way in having a wholesome and healthy life. Having a schedule will also bring structure to the lives of children and give them some concrete things to do after their online classes are over. Considering that children cant step out anymore, meet their friends or take a hobby class, a routine will make their days more structure and keep boredom and lethargy at bay.

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Supplement their online classes


While at the SNIS boarding school teachers are doing their best to impart meaningful, quality education to your child, please understand that nothing can replace in-place physical classrooms. Now, it is your shared responsibility that your child understands what there are learning at school in a complete manner. You can revise their classes with them while discussing the contents of their class in great detail, with examples. You can also find additional reading materials or activities to aid this learning.


Help children develop an interest

Encourage your child to explore things outside their syllabus. They can be interested in reading literature, writing, art, astronomy, yoga… basically anything.  Help them find this interest and help them find ways in which they can pursue this interest.


Take it easy

Don’t stress yourself and your child over every assessment, every activity. Not you, nor your child can take the burden of perfection at this difficult time. Teach them to become resilient human beings who can empathise with others. Try to have honest conversations with them and make them understand that you too are a human being. This will help both of you set realistic expectations from your own selves and each other.



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