How boarding school play based help there students ?


There are multiple approaches to teaching-learning and pedagogy that can be followed by schools. One of the most popular approaches to teaching-learning especially in early IB boarding school is play-based learning. Play-based learning has been advocated by many renowned educational philosophers all over the world including Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori schools around the world.


Play-based learning in early childhood is basically child-led, open-ended play and play is any activity that child may engage in without any purpose or function. Play is engaged for fun and recreation but this focus on fun doesn’t make play meaningless. In fact, through play and play-based activities, children are able to develop a set of transferable skills which they apply in other aspects of life in personal and professional arenas. SNIS top Ib school in Bangalore has developed its curriculum which help students to get exposed to multiple of play based learning activities.


Play-based learning makes children responsible for their own learning in multiple ways. To begin with, it lets the child decide what they want to play, how and for how long. It gives them the taste of not only decision making but also makes them aware that the decisions they make also lead to consequences that affect their lives. Children are given a lot of time to explore and discover during play. They also engage in ‘make believe’, or ‘playing pretend’ activities which foster their creativity and imagination. Play-based learning aids in social-emotional learning, developing confidence and motivation, practicing cognitive skills, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, which ultimately leads to the development of a wholistic personality.


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