How a Boarding School helps in developing all round ability.


In boarding school, students don’t have their parents to keep watch on them all the time.  Instead, the school makes many of the important decisions like proper diet, regular exercise to keep them healthy and fit. A balanced approach is needed for them to get the best focus on their academics and extra-curricular activities.

Boarding schools pay a lot of attention to their students physical as well as mental health. That is why boarding schools have world class infrastructure and multiple extra – curricular activities so that the students can keep themselves engaged in stimulating pursuits. SNIS, a top boarding school in Bangalore,  has 60 acres of open and green space where they offer various kinds of extra-curricular activities like golf, tennis, football, swimming, dance, etc. so that student can choose and then pursue their interest as part of their every day schedule.

A few tips to look after yourself well and excel at a boarding school:

Start with good nutrition

Proper nutrition is important to maintain overall health and prevent any vitamin deficiencies which can impact the intellectual and physical performance of students.

SNIS boarding school in Bangalore is keenly focused on its students’ diet. They keep a track of the students’ diet plan and make sure that their students are always given nutritious and healthy food.

Boarding schools like SNIS, always have a nutrition expert at hand who makes sure that the food is balanced and has the right amount of calories.

Be Active, Be Involved


While choosing a boarding school, parents should always make sure that school infrastructure should have an open space where school offers sports activities.

Your child is going to spend most of their time in the school campus and if they do not spend time out side the school building and be connected to the nature, they might start feeling depressed. This situation can convert into serious mental and emotional issue.

SNIS, always motivates its students to take up extra-curricular activities. These activities help student to enhance their social skills as well as physical fitness. Getting involved in sport like golf, tennis, cricket or football boosts the self-confidence and can-do spirit among the students.

A Boarding schools offers a complete and closed environment for the development of your child. From academics to beyond, mental to physical… everything is geared towards letting your child find the right expression for their abilities.




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