Facilities at the top Residential Schools


Schools are meant to be conducive species where students can learn, grow and become independent. Residential schools have an added responsibility of ensuring that schools also equip students with interpersonal skills and qualities as students spend all their time in school and only back home during holidays. It’s imperative that students learn how to make relationships and ensure that they last long while they are at residential school. Here we discuss some facilities at the top residential schools that ensure all-round development of the students-


Smart Academic Infrastructure- Smart learning can happen using smart technology and hence these schools are well equipped with the latest technological products which make sure that students are learning in the most effective way possible. The use
of smart projectors and boards and audio-visual teaching material ensures that all students are able to learn what is being taught.


Co-curricular– In today’s world, co-curricular activities are not mere activities that students undertake at school but are a semblance of the real world and how things happen there. Through co-curricular activities in all possible fields of robotics, performing arts, entrepreneurship, public speaking and so on, students are able to explore and expand their qualities and talents as individuals and also able to applywhat they have learnt in class to the outside world.


Library and Labs– These schools are equipped with well-stocked libraries and laboratories with the latest technology and infrastructure in place. These are spaces outside classrooms that inspire, stimulate and motivate students to learn and excel.
Students spend all their time at school and libraries are an excellent place they can go to in their leisure and recreational time. Libraries here don’t only have a huge collection of paper books but an equally extensive collection of e-books and journal/ magazine subscriptions from around the world.


● Sports– At residential schools, sports is not an optional activity that students indulge in. Instead, it is an activity that all school members participate in. these schools provide best in class sports infrastructure and training to ensure that students remain
physically fit as well as learn leadership skills, team-building capacity and are able to ensure healthy minds as well.




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