Creativity and innovation in International Boarding school


Creativity and innovation are two pillars of effective and meaningful learning. These two processes are not only two fancy words that are applied to education in contemporary times, but in reality, they are the two qualities that education these days aims at inculcating and fostering among students in order to make them not only sensible individuals but also make them responsible and accountable citizens. Schools these days ensure that all their learning includes the component of creative thinking and learning as well as elements of innovation and creation. As the world becomes a more complex place to live in, we also need thinkers who are able to solve the problems that are posed to us. This is what creativity and innovation in learning and schooling is also about. In this essay, we discuss the role of creativity and innovation in formal education.

Learning with Fun

We have all heard the phrase, all work and no play makes a person dull and this rings quite true for formal education in modern times as students are expected to learn a range of skills and concepts while also excelling at co-curricular activities. The element of creativity and innovation adds the fun element to formal education. Students are encouraged to think about the real world implications of their learning and take their learning outside the classroom. Learning is organised around hands-on activities that help the students in working with their own hands and learning about life as it happens in the world.


Freedom of Expression

As students learn to add the dimension of creative thinking and innovation, they also simultaneously learn the art of expressing themselves. This really helps students in exploring their potential and getting out of their comfort zones. In addition, it also helps them understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and expressions and the art of polite disagreement. This freedom of expression also encourages students to become more accountable and responsible thinkers.

Broadens one’s Thinking Capacity and Imagination

Students are constantly encouraged to explore the boundaries of their thought process and expand it to include other worldviews and modes of thinking. As students are encouraged to include creativity in their educational aspects, they are also able to imagine scenarios they might not have experienced before. They are able to become creators and creative thinkers in the truest sense of these words.

Helps in combating Stress and Aids Emotional Development

Creativity is well known in reducing stress and anxiety for individuals. As various activities are able to engage students in meaningful and insightful ways, they are also made to see how capable and imaginative they are. It takes away the boredom of sitting in place, passively and dealing with only texts and abstract ideas and instead delve deep into the world of creating and doing. Creative thinking and innovation also teaches students the importance of doing things with their own bodies and becoming independent. It helps them in becoming accommodative and flexible and appreciate the difference that exists around them.




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