Advantages of IB Diploma Program


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program has been in operation since the 1960s and in these years, has made a mark in the education ecosystem. Today, there are more than 6000 schools worldwide that offer the IB program and hundreds of universities recognise the diploma. This program is conceptualised as a student-centric, student-driven program and helps learners achieve their full potential. Learners aspiring for a meaningful educational experience that opens up further possibilities for them should definitely consider the IB program as a viable option they can choose. Here we discuss some advantages of the IB program in detail


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Holistic Academic Approach and Personality Development


The program ensures that each learner lives upto their full potential. Even though the program is driven by high academic standards, equal importance is laid on developing physical, emotional, creative and other co-curricular skills. Skills like research, writing, effective communication, and oratory are emphasised upon while activities that develop teamwork, community engagement and peoples’ skills are also a major part of the program.


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University Preparation


The program ensures that the learners remain actively involved in the coursework throughout the duration of study. The formative assessment makes students realise the importance of consistency and the many activities taking place make them careful about time management. In all, the environment of the program makes sure that the learners are prepared for their life in university and furthermore, at the workplace where they are expected to do multiple things at the same time and juggle between activities effectively.


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International Recognition


The diploma is recognised and accepted by multiple universities worldwide which opens a whole new arena of higher education for learners. As the IB standards are internationally acclaimed, universities throughout the world look forward to reviewing applications of IB school diploma holders.


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Interdisciplinary Teaching


IB program emphasises on interdisciplinary teaching while also exposing the learners to real-world application of their classroom education. Project based learning ensures that learners are exposed to multiple perspectives around a concept and helps them expand their horizons of understanding and become empathetic and internally minded individuals.




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