A Comprehensive SAT Study Guide for Students Preparing to Study Abroad

Planning to study abroad puts many challenges on the road for students to face in the wake of today’s cutthroat competition with soaring college applications and high academic scores for the most coveted seats at top universities. While taking the SATs can raise up your score on your college application and open a considerable number of college options for you, it is a daunting exam that requires a good amount of dedication, effort and a study plan that works for you.



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What is SAT?

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is an entrance exam recognised by most top universities and colleges as a standardised mode of assessment to accept student admissions. It is a 3hr examination created and administered by the College Board with 154 questions to test the student’s aptitude in three dimensions- Reading section containing 52 questions, the Writing and Language containing 44 questions, and the Math section containing 58 questions.

Here are three tips on how to prepare for the SAT exam with a study plan that helps you set your focus on different subject areas with an integrated approach to deep learning.




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Know your Skillset

It’s important to first diagnose your strengths, weaknesses and the kind of skillset you have before you jump into your SAT preparation in depth. This will help you get a clear sense of what your SAT target should and essentially give you an idea where to start. Taking a diagnostic test will help you figure where you stand and what subject areas need more attention and time to focus on. If you’re good at math, but need to practice your reading and writing skills, this can help you segment your time and workload early on to set your study schedule right up to attain your SAT goals. Putting greater emphasis on independent thinking in our teaching pedagogies at SNIS Day cum Boarding International School in Bangalore, we motivate our students to build critical life skills in a multi-faceted learning atmosphere, and focus on their personality development to help them stand out as all-round thinkers.



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Learn Outside the box

Make use of your SAT preparation to cultivate a study habit efficiency that helps you build competitor skills and experiment with your learning process. Integrating general skill building with your SAT prep will help you find more interesting ways to pick up new knowledge and test it out at the same time. Breaking down lengthy topics into smaller tasks with a visual calendar can give you a good starting point, but combining the process with critical skill practice like reading and writing skills will take your learning one step further. At SNIS Day cum Boarding International School in Bangalore, we nurture the exceptional qualities of uniqueness and creativity to build resilient learners and help them explore their learning potential in an environment of learning beyond.



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Don’t Skip on Practice Tests

Practice tests are not only a great way to check if you have any areas that need more attention, but also a great way to begin your SAT prep with a clear understanding of where to start. A fully-timed practice test on paper will help you get comfortable with the exam layout and get ready for the real exam experience worth of 3hrs hard work. It is a valuable experience that lets the students test out their strengths in all three dimensions of the exam and familiarizing them with the section-wise instructions. Timing your thinking process on the instructions and important topics also helps to come up with strategies that work to avoid a mental block.



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