5 Great Reasons to Attend a Boarding School

“Every form of true education trains the student in self-reliance.” – John Henrik Clarke

Where the virtues of education stand to make the difference in a child’s ability to progress in life, great education instils the true knowledge and skill to build the path of a self-reliant and self-sufficient future. Gaining a boarding school education is a life-changing experience that nurtures an independence of thought and the creative freedom for students to explore their potential and self-manage their lives at a young age.

Here are 5 great ways that boarding schools solidify personality development and self-management in their students’ value system to build resilient future leaders.

Distinguished Teaching Faculty

The highly qualified and trained teachers at boarding are much more committed to cultivating the learning abilities of every child to build on their academic knowledge to get into the top colleges and achieve great success in the future. At SNIS, we equip our teachers with in-school and high quality international professional development programmes inculcating the best of teaching strategies to ensure that our students benefit from the latest research and innovations in the field of education through our teachers. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty provide the support network that shapes our students’ journey and teaches them to actively realize their academic potential.

Sports Facilities

One of the major disciplines that most boarding schools focus on as a big part of their international schooling curriculum is sports. With separate sports clubs, high-quality equipment and specialized training experts, sports training makes an integral part of boarding school education with best facilities and exposure for students’ physical growth. The educational framework at SNIS leverages sports to nurture active, alert and well-balanced individuals. At SNIS, the students thrive in a recreational and physical regime with a scientific and professional sports training curriculum with curated Fitness and Athletics PE programs.

Personality Development and Self-confidence

It is probably no surprise to your knowledge that students that go to boarding school excel academically with better grades and test scores in class. But aside from an educational point of view, boarding schools environment provides an efficient learning context that equips boarders with personality development skills, self-reliance and decision-making skills. Embedded in the root source of discipline and self-management, the nurturing atmosphere of SNIS boarding school in Bangalore promotes the self-confidence of the students to come out as iron-willed, resilient individuals ready to take on life’s challenges in their adult life.

 Independence and Self-Reliance

As independence and accountability are at the core of student education at a boarding school, it essentially prepares them to self-govern and take control of their life. Where the students are always safe under the supervision of their teachers, they act more as mentors to allow the students to exert their liberty over their own decisions. This student experience at an early stage of child development is instrumental in their seamless transition into a mature, self-standing individual.

A Stepping Stone for Life in the University

Studying at a boarding school within a community of peers and great mentors is a nurturing life experience. It teaches students to be self-dependent at a young age and become responsible individuals who are capable of taking care of themselves and others. The community approach to disciplined learning and all-round growth of students at boarding sets the tone for their college life where they can easily manage their time, prioritize work and put their life skills to use in the real-world.

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