3 Reasons to Attend the SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore

Children of a growing age need a nurturing environment to explore their young minds and develop life skills in a disciplined learning atmosphere that promotes social confidence and builds resilience. Attending a boarding school can foster these skills to cultivate curiosity in children at a young age and encourage healthy habits to build their bright future ahead. Sharanya Narayani International School is India’s premier Boarding School in Bangalore, with a first-class education system and international academic programmes to nurture students with all-round development.
A recent study conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools found that 78% of boarders reported they are motivated by peers compared to 49% of public school students.

With a campus spread over 60 acres, SNIS is a residential boarding school in Bangalore that provides a secure environment for students to explore their creative potential with top international academic education, co-curricular activities, sports opportunities and much more. Let’s see how attending India’s top boarding School in Bangalore gives children the SNIS advantage over a public school education to reach greater heights in their future.

A Thinking School Philosophy

What sets SNIS apart as the top international boarding school in Bangalore is a “Thinking School” philosophy that equips students with thinking skills and enables them to focus on “how to think” rather than “what to think.” As an international residential boarding school, SNIS encourages students from all over the world to come together and collaborate to exchange their views, exposing children to a diverse cultural environment. They can explore their creative potential and develop critical thinking skills with a meaningful curriculum of international baccalaureate curriculum standards that enhances the learning capabilities of students. To instil an independent growth mindset, at SNIS boarding school in Bangalore, we inspire reflective, creative and innovative thinking as the bedrock of early childhood development with critical life skills.

A Home Away from Home

The residential boarding facilities at SNIS ensure that students have a ‘home away from home’. At the residential SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore, students staying at the residential school get to interact with other students belonging to a diverse set of cultures and learn to appreciate these differences, while cultivating a strong bond within the community of their peers. Being a residential school, the SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore offers regular and weekly boarding with separate blocks for boys and girls where each room houses 3 students. Along with a hygienic and nutritious multi cuisine kitchen, SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore has the safety & security of the students ensured with 24X7 CCTV surveillance, Security Sensitized staff, GPS & speed governed buses on campus infirmary.

 A Motivated Environment for Individual Growth

At SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore, we bring value to the students’ individual growth and educational development with motivation and support to develop social skills in a close-knit community. With a wide range of boarding school facilities in music, arts, dance, club activities, MUN, TED and specialized labs for computers, language, At SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore, we provide students a nurturing and supportive learning atmosphere to excel not just academically, but in personal development, time management, planning and community service to emerge as balanced and thinking individuals.

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