3 key points in choosing a boarding school


Choosing a boarding school education for your child is not a small decision. It is one of the most tiring and exhausting processes. But on the other hand, it becomes the most important decision for your child’s  future. As a boarding school not only gives your child education but also focuses on their character development along the path they wish to pursue.

If you’re embarking on choosing a boarding school or have yet to make a decision, our list below acts as a solid starting point for narrowing down the best educational experience for your child.

Create a wish list


At the start of the process, you should sit with your family and brainstorm a list of concerns and expectations about the boarding school. Your list may include:

  • School and class size
  • Extra-curricular activities, specialisation and facilities.
  • Personal connection and recommendation
  • Diversity
  • Philosophy and mission statement.

Especially if you are looking for boarding school education, you should look for a healthy and open environment where your child can feel connected with the nature. SNIS well known as a top boarding school in Bangalore provides 60-acres of green and open environment for your child.


Explore the Schools Philosophy


Mission statement plays a very important role in shaping up your child personality and over all development. Boarding school’s philosophy reflects in their decision-making process.

Parents should always go through the school’s values and goals before even visiting the campus. Also, parents should take the time go explore the curriculum materials, teaching methodology and how school works to uphold social and emotional balance.

Parents should also check on the administration, teaching professional and extra curriculum growth opportunities. Like the SNIS boarding school in Bangalore has mentioned its school philosophy on the school website. You can always check the school website for any detail related to school values and goals.


Specialization and Focus


One of the very common reasons for choosing a boarding school over the normal school is the academic focus with the over all personality development of the child. But parents should also consider these points before going for the boarding education:

  • International partnerships with schools and teaching methods
  • Guidance for the child from specialized teachers in their fields.
  • College counselling guidance.

SNIS boarding school in Bangalore provides specialized mentors for your child so that they can get an in-depth understanding of various aspects while making a future career choice. Also, the school provides specialized trainers for extra-curricular activities to prepare  your child to become a well rounded individual.

A well thought out boarding school provides the right balance of academics and personality development in an environment that provides the right stimuli for young minds to grow. Think and discuss before making a choice that will be the best for your child.



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