SNIS -TSG Academy Elite Golf Training Program


At Sharanya Narayani International School, we provide students with an outstanding environment to achieve excellence in academics alongside an Elite Golf Program for our students. 

Working exclusively alongside the Tarun Sardesai Golf (TSG) Academy, we offer a customized international curriculum of Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs to elite level golfers, allowing them to gain qualifications both academically and vocationally without impacting on their training and coaching development. We assist our students by providing a pathway into the professional game through scholarships to university or professional coaching centers.

Highlights of the Program
  • A customized curriculum for the students. Students who avail the joint programme will benefit more than any other school in India provides. The following are the advantages of choosing SNIS & Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy partnership:
    • Flexible teaching schedule to suit the needs of the students
    • Freedom to choose subjects that complement their sports endeavors
    • Students will be given the opportunity to complete their grade 9 & 10 in the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum while still playing at the level they need to.
    • Option of choosing the IBDP or the IB course in Grades 11 and 12 which will enable them to balance time between academics and Golf 
  • Pastoral care and support to ensure students are managing their schedules and maintain excellence in both their golf and their education.
  • Personalised time table for each student enrolled in the programme.
  • Understanding from class teachers of pressures and demands in golf for elite performers.
  • Regular communication between school and home regarding performance in school.
  • College and Career Counselling for each student. This includes counselling for subject selections and placements in colleges/universities of the students’ choice with golf/academic scholarships.
  • Currently available to students of Grades 6 and above
About Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy

Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy is India’s first residential high performance academy with academics from class 6-12, located at Zion Hills Golf County in Kolar. Over the past 15 years Tarun Sardesai has trained some of India’s top talent. To name a few, Aditi Ashok (currently playing on the LPGA), Viraj Madappa (India’s youngest winner on the Asian Tour), Aryan Roopa Anand (No. 1 Junior in the country and record holder in the 2019 National Amateur Championship), Sharmila Nicollet (Youngest Indian to qualify for the Ladies European Tour) and Trishul Chinnappa (currently playing on the Indian Pro circuit). Across Bangalore, Kolar, Calcutta and the US, TSGA currently trains approximately 100 golf athletes across various levels of the game.

At Zion Hills Golf County in Kolar, which is home to the academy and where their residential facility is located, they have created an eco-system of excellence that allows the players to live life like elite athletes – eating right under the guidance of our nutrition team, exercising right to become more powerful golfers with our in-house sports science team, learning mindfulness to quieten the mind, practicing golf for performance and pursuing academics to strengthen their ability to process information. They are able to provide all of this under one roof thereby taking the pressure of commuting away from the parents and getting the player to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle from an early age. With competitiveness on the world stage getting younger, it is imperative that parents and aspiring golfers go all out early enough.

Our Partnership with TSG Academy

While TSG Academy is designed for the golfer who wants to play the game professionally and make a career of it, SNIS is committed to helping students with an affinity to the sport explore the option without compromising on their education. With golf, SNIS students not only have another opening for a career option but can also use it to gain golf scholarships abroad.

Knowledge of the game, and the ability to train correctly from the basic to an advanced level can help them widen their scope of learning and thereby their future options, which could include subjects around sport such Physical Education, Nutrition Science, Sports Management, Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine etc.

Training Program for SNIS Students

Basic and Intermediate Program

About the program

  • Introduction to the game
  • Learning the game with a strong foundation
  • Getting the student course worthy
  • Introduce students to golf competition


Who is this program for?

  • Students who are interested in learning golf
  • Have had little or no experience in the game
  • Are interested in getting to a better level of play
  • Who are currently undergoing training in their home cities and are still at a basic level



  • Students will come to TSG for a 3 hour training session once a week
  • Training will take place from 3pm – 6pm
  • Students will learn alongside other academy students under supervision
  • Students will also learn basic warm-up drills with the sports science team
  • Inclusions from TSG
    o 12 hours of golf training per month
    o Snacks for players during training
    o Basic golf equipment ***
  • Students will be trained at Zion Hills Golf County, which is home to TSG Academy

***Once the students are proficient, we will help them source equipment as there will be a necessity for them to train with their own equipment

Advanced Training Program

About the program

  • More intensive training with a focus on fitness for golf
  • Focus on effective practice and performance training
  • Building the players performance to be able to transition to the National circuit
  • Training the players on the nuances of being an elite athlete


Who is this program for?

  • For students who want to take their game to the next level
  • Students who want to build on their golf to be able to leverage it to gain scholarships to reputed universities abroad
  • Students who have a dream of taking up the sport as a profession



  • Students will have a special curriculum where academic lessons will be taught as per the individual needs of the students on 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) and 30 hours of intensive golf training will be on 3 days a week (Friday to Sunday). 
  • Requirement of the subject choices needed for the academic credentials will be taken care, as per the career aspects of the students
  • SNIS will provide individualized college counselling and support for college applications and college placements with scholarships (golf and/or academics)  
  • From Monday to Thursday, students will have fitness training at SNIS campus
  • Students will stay on the TSG Campus 3 days a week (inclusive of the weekend) during the school year
  • Inclusions from TSG (Assuming 40 days of holidays)
    o 500 hours of training
    o 120 days of stay and food at TSG Academy
    o 120 days of Sports Science Program and Training
  • Students will be trained at Zion Hills Golf County, which is home to TSG Academy
  • Students can opt to stay for longer periods during their vacation time at an extra cost
  • Students can visit the facility to practice any day of the week in addition to their scheduled 3 days if they so desire; the cost for practice will be borne directly by the student/parent
TSG Academy System of Training
  • Taking ownership of the player
  • Accountability from both sides
  • Coaching rather than instructing
  • Good quality information
  • Effective practice
  • Discipline
  • Using data effectively to track players practice and performance
  • Building the team early – nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, mentoring
  • A focus on the processes rather than the outcome
  • Educating parents
  • Coach independence
  • Creating fearless athletes
  • No compromise on academics
Program Heads

Tarun Sardesai: Director of Instruction, Golf

Tarun is a former golf Professional who realised his love for teaching early on in his career. His then coach Donato Ponziano gave him a push in the right direction and there has been no looking back since.

Tarun’s penchant for learning puts him in the league of men and coaches who’s teaching is driven not only by experience but also knowledge and science. He is not only upto date with all the goings on in the world of golf coaching, but uses this effectively to give his students high quality information – the best they can possibly access. He is one of India’s most highly certified coaches.

In early 2013 he set up base at the now Zion Hills Golf County to build a junior development program rooted in creating a love for the game and nurturing talent. Since then, the academy has grown and reached greater heights with his determination to create an environment of excellence that allows young golfers to live their life like elite athletes. He conducts classroom sessions on aspects such as routine, handling pressure, discipline, mental process and a whole series of topics related to practicing, playing and living like a champion.
He works tirelessly to continually build processes that better integrate golf, academics and sports science.

Tarun is passionate about teaching, mentoring and the development of the game of golf.

Sudarsan VP: Director of Sports Science

Sudarsan is known nationally for his pioneering work in the field of Strength & Conditioning and is regarded as one of the top experts in the area of sports performance training. He has made his mark in the industry over the past 24 years with an impressive following of professional athletes from Cricket, Football, Badminton, Golf, etc. Currently he is the Director-Sports Science at TSG Academy, where he utilizes his 20+ years of experience in a variety of different roles to provide scientific data collection and analysis, conceptualization of new training ideas and identification of standard norms based on the analysis.

Prior to joining TSG Academy, he served as a strength & conditioning coach with BCCI, where he was responsible for strength & conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitative strength & conditioning program design and delivery for the players. He also worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Gujarat Lions, Kerala, Orissa and Andhra Ranji trophy teams.

His specialties include strength and conditioning programs for athletic teams and individuals. Strength training for speed and power, endurance, speed and agility development, energy system specific conditioning, injury prevention and Olympic lifting.

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