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Residential / Boarding School in Bangalore


Residential schools in Bangalore have picked up as the residents of Bangalore realize the importance of having all-round development of the child. Most international schools in Bangalore are equipped with high quality and state-of-the-art residential facilities.

Why Study at Residential / Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools come with a promise of a hostel life along with the best of the services and facilities for the student. Some advantages of studying in a boarding school are as follows:Boarding School

  • Students learn to be independent:

Every student learns how to take care of himself/herself in a residential boarding school… right from choosing what to eat, how to organise their work and planning their day.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

More time spent on the campus translates to more time for extracurricular activities and sports. Most International Residential Boarding Schools have a plethora of choices for a student to pursue activities he/she wants to do during the day.

  • Global Cultural Exchange:

Students not only learn about different cultures while interacting with students from other cultures but also build personal relationships and inculcate a sense of community.

  • Peer Growth:

Spending more time with their peers enables students to learn more about their aspirations and dreams. Facilities in residential boarding schools are equipped with libraries and learning zones for a child to make a well thought out plan for himself.

The concept of residential boarding schools is picking up at a fast pace in Bangalore and other cities in India. All top International schools are slowly introducing residential facilities for their students. Studies have shown that students who live in boarding/residential facilities are more adaptable to various situations over others because children learnt the value of sharing, tolerance and exchange of views which helped them grow individually and together.

Facilities at Residential Boarding Schools:

All residential boarding schools in Bangalore are equipped with a mix of high quality standard of living along with the right kind of relax zones for a student. Most international schools in Bangalore are aware of the needs of a student, both from safety purpose to creating a sense of mature independence. Following are some known facilities in boarding schools:

  • Accommodating Dorm Rooms:

Most residential boarding schools alter between 2-3 students per room with a good amount of space provided inside the rooms along with a personal study table and personal closet.

  • Fully Equipped Medical Centre & Care:

All Residential Boarding schools understand the importance of having medical care 24/7 for a student and are hence equipped with the best of medical aid when in need.

  • World Class Multi Cuisine:

Students are provided nourishing and fun meals to give them the feeling of home away from home.

  • High Standard recreational Activities:

Many Residential schools have innumerable opportunities and areas for a student to learn and explore more, beyond academics, in the form of libraries, yoga zone, sports, music, art and more.

Choosing the Best Boarding School in Bangalore:

Choosing the right boarding school is one of the most important decisions for any parent. The right school is an assurance of the kind of adult a child shapes up to be. Some factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right boarding school in Bangalore are:

  1. Considering International Schools:

As mentioned above, International schools are gaining popularity and people are slowly tilting towards the trend of opting for International schools for boarding for the kind of facilities it provides.

  1. Facilities:

It is imperative for parents to study and check the kind of facilities provided in boarding schools and analyse whether they are best suited for their children.

  1.   Co-Curricular Activities:

Since every child has individual habits and hobbies, it is important to understand whether a particular school caters to their child’s extra-curricular needs.

Residential Schools in Bangalore

Why SNIS Residential Boarding School?

SNIS is one of Bangalore’s largest and most well-equipped residential boarding schools. The school is spread across 14 acres with over 160,000 square feet of educational facilities. The Residential facilities at SNIS are deemed one of the best in the country due to the amount of special care that has been taken to build and provide for the students. The design of the entire campus has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the environment. The residential school is also equipped with 100% power back up at all times.

SNIS’ residential facilities has separate spacious hostels for boys and girls with supervised access to internet and a phone. The SNIS kitchen celebrates culture with nutritious and well balanced veg and non-veg meals along with high standard recreational centres.

SNIS Campus Features:

SNIS is well equipped with a sprawling 14 acre environment-friendly campus area with the latest infrastructure. The campus has been planned in such a way that it is conducive to teaching and co-curricular activities.

The campus is also equipped with outdoor classrooms for outdoor teaching activities, 100% power back-up using solar energy and Eco-friendly construction with zero waste. The campus also has a beautiful orchard and gardens for herbs of medicinal value.

FAQs on Residential Boarding Schools in Bangalore:

1) How big are the rooms provided for the students?

When parents are investing so much in an International school, they look for complete details on how the spacious the room would be and the facilities in the room.

2) How secure are the residential facilities?

Security is one of the most important queries regarding residential schools. .  Most residential schools take extreme care in ensuring that their boarders are secure at all times.