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International School in Bangalore


With the growing need for exposure and awareness of global culture, international schools in Bangalore have gained popularity with great momentum. Encouraging this trend, Bangalore has seen an increase in International schools in its education system. A more popular progression is the concept of International schools providing residential facilities. Parents in Bangalore are opting for International schools which are providing residential boarding options along with an all-round education system.

Why Opt for an International School?

There are many reasons why parents are opting for international schools for their children’s education and overall upbringing. The need for awareness amongst students about different cultures along with a sense of mutual respect is a strong contributing factor to this educational switch. Parents are more particular about giving their child an all-round nurturing educational system covering not only academics but personality development activities as well.

Advantages of Studying at an International School in Bangalore:

Some of the advantages of studying in an International school are as follows.International School

  1. Global Cultural Exposure: Getting the opportunity to learn about and meet people from different cultures across the globe is a very enriching experience for a child. It not only educates children about various nations but also helps in developing tolerance and knowledge essential for a good upbringing.
  2. International Curriculum: Along with the greater understanding of different cultures, International curriculum helps in schooling children for a wider and holistic approach to higher education.
  3. Window to Excellent Higher Education Universities: International schools not only celebrate diversity in cultures, but thanks to a global teaching methodology, children get a chance for opting for renowned universities across the globe for higher education. International schooling enables lesser restrictions for admissions to universities across the globe. The IB Diploma is accepted by universities world-wide.
  4. Omni Growth: Studies have proven that children who have travelled or been exposed to various cultures develop a wiser outlook towards life and grow emotionally mature thanks to the better understanding of various countries around them. They become more open-minded and tolerant.

International School Curriculum – IGCSE, IB:

Many International schools choose curricula such as IGCSE or the IB Programme that focus on creating a global culture amongst students. Most International schools’ curricula revolves around academics with a good mix of strong co-curricular activities that build and shape a student’s overall personality.

Choosing the best Curriculum for International Standards:

It is very important for parents to choose the right curriculum for their children with the growing awareness and need amongst the youth to be global citizens. Along with a strong sense of academics, parents must look at curricula best suited to their child’s personality which can build and nurture them in the right direction.

Residential International Schools:

Many international schools are now providing residential facilities because of the growing need for overall development of a student in academics and personality. Most residential schools are equipped with high standard infrastructure to ensure a home-like environment for a student along with access to extra-curricular activities like music, yoga, meditation and sports. This keeps a student engaged and is instrumental in the overall development of a child’s personality.

Benefits of Studying at a Residential International School:

While many educational institutions provide a wholesome academic experience, international residential schools have always provided an extra edge over most regular schools.

Following are some of the many reasons asserting the benefits of an International Residential School:

      1. Exposure to Different Cultures:

Most International Residential schools have the advantage of having students and teachers from different nationalities which adds diversity and teaches students to respect and learn about different cultures.

      1. Participation in Extracurricular Activities:

Due to the exceptional facilities provided in most international residential schools, students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities.

Advantages of Studying at Residential International School in Bangalore:

The advantages of studying in an international school with residential facilities are mostly rooted to the growing awareness amongst people in Bangalore about the international curriculum and its importance for an overall personality development.

      • Students in Bangalore have a lot to gain from an International Curricula especially with the promising facilities that are provided in most residential international schools.
      • International residential schools in Bangalore provide the necessary global exposure in academics and diversity required for overall development of a student.
      • With the growing popularity of international schools in Bangalore, residential facilities provided in most International Schools are working to provide more extracurricular activities.
      • With growing number of families where both parents are working in demanding careers, residential schools offer the parents an option of providing their children with a home-like atmosphere which ensures their overall growth and happiness. With many international boarding schools offering 5-day/weekly boarding option, many of these parents find the happy balance between keeping their children home during the weekends when they can spend quality time with them, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to experience life at a boarding school.

Eligibility to Join an International School in Bangalore:

To join an international school, students are required to present their

      • Birth Certificate
      • Transfer Certificate
      • Conduct Certificate and Mark Sheet.
      • Other documents specified by institution.

Admissions are given basis an assessment test followed by a personal interview. No candidate/applying student is exempted from admission on the basis of gender, religious views, ethnicity, culture or orientation.

International School Fees Structure in Bangalore:

The international schools in Bangalore have different fee structures depending on the class/grade of student along with the facilities provided. Almost all top international schools in Bangalore are equipped with interactive websites to give parents all the information they need.

 International School in Bangalore

How to Choose the Best International School in Bangalore:

Choosing the right International school for a child is one of the most important exercises for all parents. The choice of school affects the student’s educational and mental growth and it is imperative for parents to make an informed decision. Following are a few pointers that help in the choosing process-

      1. Gather all the Information: Parents need to be very thorough while choosing the right school hence making sure they have all the information needed to suit their child’s best interest is important.
      2. Interact with School: The best way is to meet the school authorities and interact as much as possible so that all relevant queries are answered.
      3. Interaction with Parents and Students: Speaking with parents of students and the students studying there is one of the safest and relevant way to understand about the International Schools.

Why Sharanya Narayani International School, Bangalore?

Sharanya Narayani International School is one of India’s premier International Schools based out of Bengaluru. With a campus spread over 14 acres , SNIS is a K-12 Day and boarding school with  safe and secure residential facilities for students.

SNIS offers international academic programmes to make sure that students receive all-round development. Highly skilled IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) and IGSCE teachers are trained to teach and nurture every student’s learning capability to make it a joyous journey for them.

What sets SNIS apart is the “Thinking School” philosophy that enables students to develop their thinking skills and teaches students how to analyse. SNIS focuses on teaching students “how to think” rather than “what to think.” SNIS encourages students from across the world to come together and exchange their views. Along with this, SNIS promises world class facilities for all outdoor and indoor sports with professional training and a structured curriculum.

The residential facilities at SNIS provide a home away from home for its boarders. There are separate block for boys and girls and each room houses 3 students. Every hostel room has an en-suite bathroom. Along with a hygienic and secure residential room, SNIS has a nutritious multi cuisine kitchen with separate veg and non veg preparation areas. SNIS has an infirmary with a 24/7 nurse on duty and doctors & ambulance available on-call.

FAQs about Studying at International School in Bangalore:

Certain frequently asked questions most parents ask regarding choosing the right International school for their children are as follows:

      1. What Board is the school affiliated with?

It is important for parents to know what kind of educational board the school is affiliated to. Along with a clear understanding of the curriculum, it is imperative for parents to pick what’s best for their child. IGCSE and IB are recognized by most universities and colleges in India and globally.

      1. What is the experience and qualifications of teachers?

The teachers and their background is extremely crucial for a child’s overall growth. All International schools have a mandate of a rich experience in teaching and all-round child nurture as part of a teacher’s resume.

      1. What are the safety facilities for students studying there?

Medical aid and safety facilities are paramount for parents to check for their child. Most International schools in Bangalore are equipped with 24/7 medical facilities.